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Ezekiel’s Temple and the Members (1)

Updated: Sep 6

Special Lecture on Ezekiel’s Temple (2)

Ezekiel 41:5

Speaker: Reverend Philip Lee

Service: Moriah, 2nd Service

Date: August 23, 2020

Members of the body

The Church is the body of Jesus Christ and this is a fundamental truth. That is why when we come to church, we pick up trash and clean the bathrooms. This is the very act of cleansing and loving the body of Jesus (Col 1:18, 24; Eph 1:23). Our bodies have hands and feet and there are various members of the body. Likewise, there are various members of the church and these members refer to the saints, the believers (Rom 12:5; 1 Cor 6:15). When one member of the church is sick, then the entire congregation will ache together. In Ezekiel’s temple, there are “side chambers” (Ezek 41:5). The phrase “side chambers” in Hebrew is צְלָעֹת (tsela) meaning “ribs.” In Ezekiel’s temple, there are many references or words that refer to the human body parts. In this instance, God uses the “ribs” to explain the “side chambers.” This demonstrates that we must become the holy divine members of Ezekiel’s temple.

The standard measurements of Ezekiel’s temple

The standard measurement in Ezekiel’s temple is related to the hands or the forearm of the human being. When God measured Ezekiel’s temple, He presents the standard of measurements which is a cubit and a handbreadth (Ezek 40:5; 43:13). Thus, we can see that the standard measurement in Ezekiel’s temple is a “long cubit” which is 53.2cm. The long cubit is different from the “standard cubit” which is 45.6cm.

However, when we add one handbreadth which is 7.6cm to the standard cubit, we get one long cubit at 53.2cm. From the tip of the elbow to the tip of the 3rd finger is one “regular cubit” at 45.6cm. One “handbreadth” is equal to the thickness of four fingers at 7.6cm. Each finger is 1.9cm. Therefore, a handbreadth is 1.9cm times 4, which equals 7.6cm, plus one regular cubit at 45.6cm. That equals one long cubit at 53.2cm. From this, we can discover four body parts that relate to the arms or hands.

First, there is the elbow, the finger, the handbreadth, and finally, the one "span” which measures from the tip of the thumb to the pinky at 22.8cm which is half a regular cubit. However, in Ezekiel’s temple, since the standard unit is one long cubit, a "span" is half of a long cubit, thus 26.6cm. In all other temples, one span is always half of one regular cubit at 22.8cm. All of these body parts relate to the hands or the forearm which shows that those who enter Ezekiel’s temple are those who work

Those who work

When we work, we use our arms, hands, and fingers. This implies that those who enter into Ezekiel’s temple are those who work. God says, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). However, God will bless the work that we do (James 1:25). We must become the people that can actively use our arms, hands, and fingers to do a lot of work for the glory of God instead of just being full of words. When we do so, God is glorified and we can become people who are pleasing to God and enter into Ezekiel’s temple. There are people who use their hands to do evil and hurt others. If we have used our hands for evil, then we must thoroughly repent (Micah 7:3; Rev 9:20). Thus our hands must not be the hands that are cursed or hands that do evil, but our hands must be the hands that are blessed. We must help the Levites and those in hardship. We must do good works for the aliens, orphans, and widows. When we do so, God will bless all the work that we do with our hands (Deu 14:29). The Apostle Paul performed extraordinary miracles with his hands (Acts 19:11). Such hands are blessed hands. Therefore, let us use our hands for the glory of God that will be blessed by Him at all times and not for evil things so that we can all enter into Ezekiel’s temple.

The height of the river of living waters is defined by the human body

The Bible uses the human body to explain how high the river became (Ezek 47:3-5). The water came out of the outer gate facing east and at one thousand cubits, the water reached the ankles; another one thousand cubits and the water reached the knees; and after another one thousand cubits, the water reached the loins. Finally, after another one thousand cubits, the water had risen so much that you could swim in it. Thus, the height of the river was defined by human body parts such as the ankles, knees, and loins.

First, this demonstrates that the higher the river became, the more difficult it became for the river to be forded by human strength. When the river rises to the ankles or the knees, one can walk through that stream without difficulty. However, the higher the water gets, the more difficult it becomes to ford across. Once the water reaches the loins, it’s much more difficult to cross that river and move forward. This water is the river of living water which reflects the Word of God. Thus, the more Word we receive and the deeper the Word gets, the more we must not rely on human effort but commit ourselves to God and allow the Word of God to take over and work through us so that we may live.

Secondly, after four thousand cubits, it becomes a river that man cannot ford, for the water has risen very high (Ezek 47:5). This implies that man cannot cross but God can. With human strength, we will die; but if we trust in the Holy Spirit, we can delve into the depth of the Word (1 Cor 2:10). No matter how difficult things become, when we obey the Word of God He will endow us with the power of the Holy Spirit so that we will overcome the world and become witnesses of the Word (Acts 5:32).

Conclusion: We must remain witnesses of the Word of God that we have received in our hearts by sharing it (Col 3:15). When the Word rules in our hearts, there will be an amazingly powerful work of the Holy Spirit that will surpass the human imagination. The Holy Spirit is able to transport the witnesses of Christ to proclaim the Word (Acts 5:18-23). When we are filled with the Word of God and filled with the Holy Spirit, we will be able to live a life that goes in the flow of the work of God. Such people will become witnesses of the true peace of Christ (John 20:19). Therefore. may the Word of God reach to our ankles, knees, and our loins, and finally overtake us in the end so that we are not the ones who are swimming but the Holy Spirit will allow us to ford across the river so that we can truly experience the miracle of spreading the Word of Redemptive History to the rest of the World.

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