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The Blessings of Being Free from All Illnesses

Mark 5:24-34

Do not fear illness

We are living in a world of great fall and corruption and everyone is sick nowadays. Everyone has some kind of illness whether it’s small or big. Thus, every fallen human being lives with some kind of illness whether diagnosed or unknown. However, we do not need to fear illnesses or even death itself. Illness is only a small fraction of our entire lives. When we get sick, our hearts are darkened and we find it very difficult and our bodies hurt and ache. But there is no everlasting illness for all illness will be healed at one point. So let us not worry but when we do get sick, let us take that opportunity to give thanks to God and when we do this we overwhelmingly overcome illnesses (Rev 21:4). When we go to heaven, there will be no illness. Although we may be ill right now, please believe that it is only transient. So by strong faith may you overcome all illnesses.

Meeting Jesus

Today’s text talks about a woman who had a hemorrhage for twelve years. A hemorrhage is bleeding in the entire body. When she heard that Jesus was passing by she thought to herself saying; “If I can just touch the hem of His garment I will be made well.” She had this kind of faith and the moment she laid her hands on the garment of Jesus, this power came from the body of Jesus and healed her (Mark 5:28-29). This teaches us that when we meet Jesus, we are healed of all illnesses. We have to hold unto Jesus by strong faith and all of our illnesses will be completely healed.

The Power of Jesus

Jesus has the power to heal all illnesses. Yes, a doctor can heal, but they do not have the power to heal all illnesses (Luke 5:17; 6:19). The expression “healing them all” in Luke 6:19 does not mean He healed some and not others but Jesus healed them all. Thus, if you and I just hold unto Jesus, we can be healed of all illnesses, regardless of what the disease may be. To those who believe, nothing is impossible to Jesus (Mark 5:23). Secondly, Jesus has the Word that heals all illnesses, for Jesus Himself is the Word of the beginning (John 1:1). Also in John 1:14, the Word became “flesh” and dwelt among us in this fallen corrupt world. This is Jesus Christ. Hence, Jesus has the power and the Word to heal all diseases (Matt 8:16). With the Word, Jesus healed all who were ill. Therefore, even if a physician shakes his head and says there is no hope, Jesus is able to heal all with the Word (John 4:46-54). The Word of God transcends time and place to heal all illnesses (Psa 107:20). Thirdly, Jesus is the Lord of all things and therefore He is able to heal all things (Col 1:16), for all things were created by Jesus, through Jesus, and for Jesus. That is why even demons tremble in the presence of Jesus (Mark 5:8-9, 13).

Your faith has made you well

Jesus said to the woman who had the hemorrhage for twelve years, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace and be healed of your affliction” (Mark 5:34). The phrase “be healed” in Greek means to be free or fall away from something. Thus, Jesus commands the woman to fall away from the illness and go in peace. Likewise, Jesus commands our illness to fall away as well and the illness will obey and fall away. Therefore, we must believe in the Word today.

The faith of holding unto Jesus

The faith of holding unto Jesus is our heart wanting to be healed (Mark 5:34). Jesus emphasizes the “faith” of the woman, meaning her faith saved her. This teaches us that it is our faith that will make us well (Luke 6:19). Thus, we must try with all of our strength to “touch” Jesus. A man paralyzed for 38 years had the desire to be healed and Jesus was aware of his heart. Passing by, Jesus asked, “Do you want to be healed” (John 5:6). Jesus knew his heart and commanded him to “get up, pick up your pallet and walk” (John 5:8-9). Likewise, when we have this fervent desire to be healed, Jesus will come and find us. This is the power of healing and how Jesus heals us. We must diligently seek God and find Him, meaning He will come and find us (Prov 8:17).

Conclusion: Great faith can heal all illnesses. This does not mean medication is to be rejected, for all things were created by God and are good (1 Tim 4:4). Healing therapies and medicine are created by God and we must receive it with gratitude. However, whatever we do, we must do in faith. Thus, when we get treatment or injections and take medication, we must do it with hope and faith (Heb 11:1). We have to have faith and believe that when Jesus just speaks the Word, it will be done (Matt 8:8; 15:28). May our faith be acknowledged by God that our faith is great, and by great faith, may we overcome all illnesses.

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