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The Creation of the Honorable Man and Woman, the Happy Couple

Genesis 2:21-25; 1:26-27

Pastor James Park’s sermon from Shiloh's Lord’s Day Service on May 5, 2019

The image of God

In Genesis 1:1-2:4, we see the 7 days of creation and man and woman are included in that redemptive plan. On day 7, God rested; therefore it was a Sabbath. On this 7th day, God made it holy and He blessed and sanctified it. This is the proclamation of the genealogy of the creation of the heavens and the earth, which ends with a Sabbath day (Gen 2:4). This is a condensed summary of the entire history of redemption from the beginning to the end and the Sabbath that God made on the 7th day foreshadows the eternal Sabbath. This is a blueprint of the entire work of creation for God made man and woman in His image to lord over creation and rule it. The image of God consists of the spiritual image, the soul (intellect, heart, and emotions), and the physical body. Therefore, as we are restored back to God’s image, may we reclaim our lordship over the creation and the angels.

Creation of the honorable man (Gen 2:7)

God’s creation of Adam is from a covenantal perspective and not from a physical one. God formed Adam from the dust and breathed into him the “breath of life” and Adam became a living being and the recipient of the covenant (John 20:21-22). Likewise, Jesus breathed on His disciples, teaching us that we cannot be one and fellowship with God outside of Jesus Christ (Eph 2:8-12), for our sins have separated us from God (Isa 59:2). Just like Adam, when we become one with God, we are put into the Garden of Eden where we can be happy and receive blessings (Psa 1:1). So let us become spiritual Adams and receive the Holy Spirit through the Word of God (John 6:63). When Peter was proclaiming the Word to the family of Cornelius, the Holy Spirit fell upon them (Acts 10:44-47). Therefore, the Word is really the container for the spirit and life.

The creation of the honorable woman

The woman was created from the rib of the man, and afterward, God brought the man and the woman together. Adam confessed, “This is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” (Gen 2:23). This proclamation by Adam was a marriage covenant. Here, Adam confesses to the woman, “We are one.” Thus, man and woman entered into a covenant. God created first the man and then He created the woman. This was the order that God set, and the woman became a suitable helper (Gen 2:20). In Hebrew, “suitable helper” means “one that is in sight of and gives help.” The woman’s role was to be in sight of Adam, alert and helping Adam to fulfill God’s will. This shows us that the purpose of marriage is for man and woman to become one in fulfilling God’s will. God wanted to fulfill the history of redemption and His administration through this couple, Adam and Eve. However, when the woman went astray and apart from the man, Satan began to tempt the woman. The man and the woman were together as co-workers, but when the woman strayed away from the man and was by herself, the Garden of Eden became vulnerable and Satan came in and tempted the woman through her pride with the forbidden fruit. The woman fell into temptation because she was the weaker one who had not received the Word first hand. Adam was the one who received the Word directly from God. Eve fell into temptation because she was apart form Adam. When we are in our rightful place, it becomes a beautiful melody; however, when we break or leave the order in which God placed us, everything becomes chaotic. God is not a God of chaos or confusion but a God of order (1 Cor 5:11). This is the relation between the man and woman. When we find our place in God, we become beautiful and attractive because God’s glory is reflected in us. So let us all find our places and glorify God in all of our work.

The man and woman became one

The man and woman are not two but one body in faith, mind, and heart and one in the spirit. This is talking about man and woman in terms of covenantal perspective (Gen 2:21-23). God chose, formed, and redeemed them and called them His own (Isa 43:1). God formed the man and the woman from a covenantal perspective and they became one flesh.

Conclusion: The relationship between the man and woman is actually the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church (Eph 5:31-32). Christ is our true husband and the Church is the bride. When the woman and man became one, it foreshadows the union of Christ and the Church becoming one. Therefore, we are united with Christ sitting at the right hand of God our Father (Rom 6:3-7). When Jesus died on the cross, they pierced His side and blood and water came out; and through the water and blood, the church was born. Man and woman being formed in the Garden of Eden is actually a shadowing of Jesus being crucified on the cross, pierced in His side and birthing the church through His sacrifice. Let us become the true bride of Christ like the woman at the well who met her true husband, Jesus Christ (John 4:7-24). The woman confessed, “When the Messiah comes He will declare all things" (John 4:25-26). When we become one with Christ, may our spiritual eyes be opened so that through the Word we can have true revelation of Jesus Christ and become a happy couple that fulfills the will of God.

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