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The Gate Which Faced East and the Inner Court

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Ezekiel 43:1-9

Speaker: Reverend, Dr. Philip Lee

Service: Moriah, 2nd Service

Date: May 31, 2020

The 19th place God showed to Ezekiel

The vision of the “gate facing east and the inner court” is the 19th place in Ezekiel’s temple that God showed to him (Eze 43:1, 5). God not only showed Ezekiel the gate facing east and the inner court but also the altar of the burnt offering (Eze 43:13). Therefore, the 19th place that God showed to Ezekiel was the gate facing east, the inner court, and the altar of burnt offering.

The gate facing the east

The gate facing east is the gate through which you can enter the outer court from the outside which faces the east (Eze 43:1). This gate facing towards the east appears many times as we study Ezekiel’s temple. When Ezekiel went into Ezekiel’s temple for the very first time, he passed through the gate facing the east (Eze 40:6). The second time Ezekiel passed through the east gate was after God showed him all 17 places within the temple and afterward went out through the east gate outside where God showed him the 18th place which is the wall all around (Eze 42:15). The third time the gate facing east is mentioned is when the glory of the Lord returned to the temple and Ezekiel came through the gate facing the east. So, when the glory of the Lord came into the house, Ezekiel came through the gate facing toward the east (Eze 43:4). The spirit lifted Ezekiel up and brought and him into the inner court, and again, Ezekiel passed through the gate facing east and through the gate in the inner court.

Why does the glory of God come into the house by way of the gate facing the east?

East is where the “sun” rises. Spiritually speaking, the “sun” refers to God Himself (Psa 84:11). Because the “sun” represents the presence of God, the glory of God also comes through the east gate and not the south or north gate. God’s radiance is like the sunlight (Hab 3:4). Thus, we see this vision of how the glory of God enters through the gate facing the east. This reminds us that we must always live a life looking toward the east, looking toward the sun, and looking toward the presence of God.

The inner court

The inner court is where Ezekiel heard the voice of God (Eze 43:5-7). Through the gate facing east, God’s glory entered into the house, the temple of God, and then the spirit lifted Ezekiel up and brought him into the inner court. In order for you and I to dwell in the house of God forever, we must put away two things: harlotry and the corpses of their kings (Eze 43:7, 9).

First, the word “harlotry” is not only speaking of physical harlotry but spiritual harlotry as well (Jer 3:9). Harlotry is something that we love more than God; that is idolatry and harlotry (Col 3:5).

The second thing we must put away is the corpses of the kings. This is not only talking about dead bodies but also has the meaning of memorial. Back in the biblical days, they established and erected monuments to record all of the accomplishments of kings and placed them in various places in the temple. However, God says to put away these monuments, for only God’s name needs to be exalted and not the names of kings. In order to enter Ezekiel’s temple, we have to put away all harlotry and the desire to exalt our own name, achievements, and accomplishments.

The purpose of showing the temple to Ezekiel

God’s purpose for showing Ezekiel the temple was so that people may be ashamed of themselves (Eze 43:10-11). Therefore, the more we study Ezekiel’s temple, the more we must become ashamed of our sinful ways and iniquities and confess them before God.

The second purpose of showing the temple is to measure all the parts of the temple and measure the plan (Eze 43:10). When we measure the plan, it is speaking of Ezekiel’s temple, but God is also saying we must measure ourselves for we are the temples of God. God showed Ezekiel every corner and every part of the temple in great detail. Likewise, our Father is saying to us today, “Measure yourselves, for you are My Temple also" (Eze 43:11). Therefore, we must face our sinful nature and not look at it half-heartedly, but we must acknowledge our sins and look at it in much detail as in 3 dimensional, for that will be a qualification for us to enter into Ezekiel’s temple.


There are people who do not want to acknowledge or keep God in their hearts. For this reason, God will give them over to a depraved mind to do those things which are not proper (Rom 1:28-29). One of the great sins that God detests is “gossips.” Gossiping is a great sin before God and has two meanings. First, it means “whispering” or secretly talking bad behind people's back when they are not present. Secondly, the meaning of “gossip” is to curse, slander, or verbally attack someone. The Bible says that those who commit this kind of sin by verbally slandering and cursing others cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, for they are “revilers” (1 Cor 6:10). This is a very scary Word. If we have a problem with someone, the best approach is to speak with that person directly to keep peace and not sin.

Conclusion: God’s voice came to Ezekiel and said, “Measure the plan.” God was saying to Ezekiel, "When you measure, don’t just look at the temple on the surface but inside as well." If we are a temple of God, He is saying to us today, "Measure yourselves and look at your sins in detail on the outside and on the inside to see if you measure up." Let us truly examine our lives 3-dimensionally concerning our sins, transgressions, and iniquities so that we can truly and honestly be ashamed of ourselves and become those who qualify to enter into Ezekiel’s temple in the end time.

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