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The Good Steward of the End Times

1 Peter 4:7-11

Huisun Rev. Abraham Park’s past sermon from a New Year’s Eve Service

Faith in the end times

What kind of life of faith should we have in these end times? As saints living in the last days, we should live a life of prayer and servitude. Looking back over this past year, can we truly confess that we have lived the life of a good steward? The life of a faithful steward is one who lives a life of uniqueness towards God whom He has placed as manager over all things. A good steward is one that settles accounts with the owner and in doing so, the owner will trust that servant with much more (Matt 25:20-23). Therefore, we must remain faithful before God at all times and if we remain faithful, we will receive great blessings. We must be of sound judgment for the end of all things is near; let us be sober in spirit for the purpose of prayer (1 Pet 4:7)

Being of sound judgment and the return of Christ

A steward that is of sound judgment does not walk in the ways of men or in the ways of his own ideas but walks fully according to the Word of the living God and utilizes the gifts and talents that God has given. These gifts are used for the purpose of loving and serving one another in God’s grace (1 Pet 4:10). Thus we must realize that we are closer to the end times than before. People are generally aware that the end of the world is approaching and the Words of Jesus Christ that He spoke are being fulfilled. Therefore beloved saints, the days of the return of the Son of Man is near and His coming will be just like the days of Noah (Matt 24:37).

Deviating from our roles

Are we all satisfied with our roles that God has given to us, or are we complaining and deviating from them? Beloved saints, as Christians, our roles are to be stewards of God and if we deviate from our roles, great pain will come into our lives. Many have been appointed to many positions but if we complain and grumble, great terrifying pain and suffering will be the result (Num 14:26-30). The role of the saints in the end time is to love one another which covers a multitude of sins, and when we do this, there won’t be any hatred amongst us. Treating one another with hospitality and serving each other is loving one another (1 Pet 4:8-9).

Serve with the work and strength of God and not man

Some roles are not that popular and not as fun, but our roles require each of us to die to ourselves. Therefore, we must be able to serve in our roles with the strength of God and we must do it by the authority of God and not be human strength (1 Pet 4:11). This means that everything we do at church is by the work of God. Thus, as stewards, we must be on the alert at all times and gird ourselves. A wicked steward will say in his heart, “My master is not coming for a long time” and not do the work of God but the work of men and be judged! (Matt 24:41-51). The amount of work is not important; it is whether or not our Father’s work was completed versus man’s work. Many will do a lot of work, prayer, and perform great miracles but not to glorify God but men. In this case, God will say, “Depart from me, I never knew you” (Matt 7:21-23). Beloved saints, we must render what belongs to God; this is the principle of the Bible. We must give all of our time, wealth, talents, and self to Him. We must not rob God of what belongs to Him (Mal 3:8).

Conclusion: It is appointed for men to be born and die. Therefore we may not be able to perform all the things we need to do, but we need to pray tonight with zeal and settle all accounts with God so that the coming New Year will be prosperous, and we must believe God has given to us the positions that we are in. Therefore, give God thanks and have thanksgiving in your heart. Dear saints, let's go to the Kingdom of God together. I pray that we will meet one another there.

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