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The Household That Becomes Steadily Stronger

Speaker: Reverend, Dr. Philip Lee

Service: Moriah, 1st Service

Date: May 24, 2020

The desire for a better future

Men in their current situations desire for their futures to be better than they are now. If that’s the case, then what kind of person lives the kind of life where their future is better than their present? That is the person that becomes steadily stronger. We must become a person who steadily grows stronger, a household that steadily grows stronger, and a nation that steadily grows stronger. In our main scriptural text (2 Samuel 3:1), it states that the house of Saul and the house of David were in a long war with each other but the house of Saul continually grew weaker while David’s house grew stronger and stronger. The question today is what kind of household is our home? Let us examine the secret to the household that grows steadily and stronger.

When God is with us we grow stronger

The household and nation that God is with will get stronger, but the household and nation that God is not with will continually grow weaker . David became greater and greater because the Lord God Almighty was with him (2 Sam 5:10). Therefore, what type of person is God with?

First, God is with the people who do the work that pleases Him. God is pleased with the work of “evangelism.” When we go out and share the word of God and evangelize, God will be with us. Jesus always did the work that pleased the Father from the very beginning to the end and God was always with Him (John 8:29). In Greek, the word “pleasing” is εὐάρεστος (euarestos) and this word means “well-pleasing” or something that “pleases the heart.” Thus, Jesus did the work that made God feel good and delight in it.

Secondly, Enoch lived a life that pleased God (Heb 11:5). By faith, Enoch was taken up to heaven so that he would not see death! Enoch walked with God for 300 years and after doing so, he did not die but transfigured and ascended to heaven (Gen 5:21-24).

Thirdly, David also did the things that pleased God (Acts 13:22). David was a man after God’s heart who did the will of the Father. David was someone that God favored because David was one who would carry out His will. May we become the people who do the work that pleases God and may our houses become houses that grow steadily stronger in the name of the Lord.

When we order our ways through the Word, we become stronger

King Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God and established the Word (2 Chron 27:6). King Jotham ruled over the southern kingdom of Judah from 750-735 BC for a total of 16 years. When we love the Word, delight in hearing it, learn it, and obey the Word, that is when the Word is established and our household will be blessed with wealth and prosperity (Psa 112:1-3).

Secondly, the one that orders their way through the Word stands before God and walks in an upright way (2 Chron 27:6). God called to Abraham and said, “The one who will come from your own body – he will be your heir” (Gen 15:4-5). Not long after Abraham received this promise from God, he disobeyed the Word of God and took Hagar and had a son named Ishmael (Gen 16:16). Abraham was unable to establish the Word of God and unable to walk in an upright way. How sorry and heartbroken was the heart of God? For 15 years, God did not appear to Abraham. Finally, at the age of 99, God appeared to Abraham and said, “Abraham, I am God Almighty, walk before me and be blameless." When we live before men, we cannot live a blameless life. However, when we live before God, then we can live a blameless life. Today, may we live the upright way before God and establish the Word of God before Him. When we do that, God will make that house stronger and stronger.

When we teach the Word of God, we will grow steadily stronger

King Jehoshaphat, the 4th king of southern Judah, reigned from 871-847 BC for a total reign of 25 years and grew greater and greater (2 Chron 17:12). Jehoshaphat made the southern kingdom of Judah a strong nation.

First, he taught the Word of God to his people by sending officials, Levites, and priests to teach the Word of God and the book of the Law (2 Chron 17:7-9). During Jehoshaphat’s time, he gave the blessing of the nation becoming greater and stronger.

Secondly, God gave a great blessing of wealth and glory during Jehoshaphat’s time (2 Chron 17:5). Jehoshaphat was a king, but he prostrated himself before God and prayed. He followed God’s commandments and lived according to God’s Word (2 Chron 17:4). Today, the greatest mission that we have been given is the mission of diligently teaching the Word of God (Deut 6:7; Matt 28:20). Teaching the Word of God is the secret to your house becoming stronger and stronger. When we diligently teach the Word of redemptive history, our house, our church, and our nation will become stronger.


When we grow stronger, we must become more humble instead of becoming arrogant, forgetting God. King Abijah, the second king of the southern kingdom of Judah, became this kind of person. Abijah had a very short reign from 913-910 BC for a total of 3 years. When he became king, the army of the southern kingdom of Judah was 400,000 men, but the northern kingdom of Israel had 800,000 men and came against Judah. However, king Abijah and the southern kingdom of Judah prevailed and overcame the north because they cried out to the Lord (2 Chron 13:14-18). Afterward, Abijah became powerful and arrogant; he had no regard for the kingdom and lived a life of pleasure. He had 14 wives, 22 sons, and 16 daughters. His heart was not wholly devoted to the Lord, and for this God did not prolong his reign or life. Abijah died after a short 3-year reign (1 Kings 15:3). Abijah’s name means, “The Lord is my father,” which is how he should have served the Lord.

Today, when we become stronger, let us become more and more humble by prostrating ourselves before God, not walking in the ways of Abijah but in accordance with the meaning of the name “Abijah” and serving the Lord as our father. May all of our households, our church, and the nation of Korea become stronger and stronger and live before God our Father.

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