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Vision of the Four Living Beings (2) & Vision of the Four Wheels (1)

Exodus 1:15-19

Christian Military Academy Lecture 5

Vision of the Four Living Beings (2)

God showed Ezekiel four visions before commissioning him as a prophet:

The vision of the four living beings has the following characteristics

The four living beings have four faces (Ezek 1:10). Secondly, the four living beings are in the center and around the throne (Rev 4:6). Finally, the four living beings have four wings (Ezek 1:6).

The seraphim in Isaiah’s vision

The seraphim in Isaiah’s vision and the four living creatures in the Apostle’s John’s vision had 6 wings (Isa 6:2; Rev 4:8). The four living beings in Ezekiel’s vision had two fewer wings since they did not need to cover their faces. This was because something like an expanse spread over the heads of the living beings, replacing the role of the two wings that covered their faces (Ezek 1:22).

There were human hands under their wings

Ezekiel 1:8 says, “Under their wings on their four sides were human hands.” See also (Ezek 10:8, 21). The hand is an organ for working. Hence, the hands under the wings indicate that the wings did much more work besides flying. Thus, we must become people who work for God (John 5:17).

Their wings touched one another

Ezekiel 1:11 says, “Their wings were spread out above; each had two touching another being.” See also (Ezek 1:9, 23). The phrase “Spread out” is יָשַׁר (yasar) in Hebrew meaning “straight, upright.” It portrays the wings stretched out upward, reflecting an image of “fearing” God. The word “touched” is חָבַר (chabar) in Hebrew, meaning “to join, coupled.” It indicates that we must “work together” to fulfill God’s work. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

Two wings covered their bodies

Ezekiel 1:11 says, “Each had two touching another being, and two covering their bodies.” See also (Ezek 1:23). What does this imply? The four living beings are mere “creatures” that cannot boast of their glory before God. Ezekiel 43:10 says, “As for you, son of man, describe the temple to the house of Israel that they may be ashamed of their iniquities; and let them measure the plan.” Thus, the four living beings must hide their glory and reveal only God’s glory (1 Cor 10:31). Isaiah 43:7 says, “Everyone who is called by My name, And whom I have created for My glory, Whom I have formed, even whom I have made.”

The sound of the wings was like the voice of God

When it comes to doing God’s work, the most important task is to proclaim God’s Word. Ezekiel 10:5 says, “Moreover, the sound of the wings of the cherubim was heard as far as the outer court, like the voice of God Almighty when He speaks. See also (Ezek 10:15, 20; Ezek 1:24). Saints are the army of God that proclaims only the Word of God. 2 Timothy 4:2 says, “Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.” See also (2 Tim 2:3-4).

The Four Living Beings Were Fast Like Bolts of Lightning

Ezekiel 1:14 says, “And the living beings ran to and fro like bolts of lightning. The four living beings were fast because they immediately went straight forward in whichever direction God commanded. Psalm 119:60 says, “I hastened and did not delay to keep Your commandments.” Ezekiel 1:12 says, “And each went straight forward; wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go, without turning as they went.” See also (Ezek 1:9, Ezek 10:11). The commissioners who serve God must obey immediately and move without delay as soon as God commands (Mark 1:17-18).

Vision of the Four Wheels (1) (Ezek 1:15-21)

The vision of the four wheels had the following characteristics:

Each of the Four Living Beings had a Wheel beside them

Ezekiel 1:15 says, “Now as I looked at the living beings, behold, there was one wheel on the earth beside the living beings, for each of the four of them.” The wheels were not attached to the living beings but were on earth beside them. Thus the four living beings could fly and did not need wheels. Jesus also came down to earth and did not need wheels.

The appearance of the four wheels was like sparkling beryl

Ezekiel 1:16 says, “The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl, and all four of them had the same form, their appearance and workmanship being as if one wheel were within another.” Also, Ezekiel 10:9 says, “Then I looked, and behold, four wheels beside the cherubim, one wheel beside each cherub; and the appearance of the wheels was like the gleam of a Tarshish stone.” Beryl is תרשיש (tarshish) in Hebrew, which also appears on the fourth row on the breastplate of the high priest (Exod 28:20). Beryl, which has a golden, yellowish hue, was known as gemstones that victors of war carried around. Hence, the beryl reflects the duties of the four living beings to conquer the world and expand the kingdom of God.

The workmanship of the four wheels was as if one wheel were within another

The second half of Ezekiel 1:16 says, “Their appearance and workmanship being as if one wheel were within another.” See also Ezek 10:10. The course of human history cycles like a wheel (James 3:6). Just as an outer wheel of a car turns when its inner wheel turns, human history turns along with redemptive history as they are closely interlocked. Human history is like the out wheel, and God’s “Redemptive History” is like the inner wheel that makes the outer wheel (i.e., human history) turn.

Conclusion: Whenever the four wheels moved, they moved without turning (Ezek 1:17). Therefore, Commissioners must promptly obey and follow God’s predetermined purpose.

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