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Book 8 of the History of Redemption series

the fulfillment of the covenant of the torch: the ten plagues, the exodus, and the entry into canaan

In Light of God’s Administaration in the History of Redemption

The eighth book is a continuation of the second book in the History of Redemption series, and it explains the process of the fulfillment of the covenant of the torch. The book offers a survey of the land of Canaan and its ten tribes, along with a powerful message on the future outlook of the covenant of the torch. An improved version of the world’s first map of the exodus and the 42 campsites int he wilderness journey provides the reader with a detailed illustration of the events.

For the first time in world history, the author systematically proves the historicity of the ten plagues that took place prior to the exodus by dating the beginning, progress, and end of each plague. He also elucidates the fulfilling process of the covenant of the torch by revealing the year, month, date, and even the day of the week of the exodus event. The book focuses on the “land” aspect of the covenant as it delves into an exploration of the wilderness journey and entry into Canaan.

Praise to the Author

“The clarity of the redemptive historical understanding of the exodus is explicit throughout… the level of comprehension and meticulous research is truly astonishing. I can sense the indescribable joy and effervescence that Rev. Park feels being immersed in God’s covenant.”

Dr. Na Yong Hwa, President Emeritus of Reformed Theological Seminary of Korea

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