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Rev. Abraham Park

Rev. Abraham Park is an acclaimed world-class theologian with remarkable pastoral spirituality. He had dedicated his entire life to prayer and the Scriptures, having read the Bible over 1,800 times. Throughout his lifetime ministry, he was a true pastor who loved the church and the congregation like his own children. His daily schedule consisted of two-hour prayers and three-hour Bible readings, as well as continual preaching and evangelizing.


Rev. Abraham Park began his ministry in Dongmasan church in 1958 after his discharge from the military as a wounded veteran from gunshot wounds inflicted during the Korean war. He then spent 47 days on Mt. Jangan and three and a half years on Mt. Jiri, where he spent his days reading the Bible and his nights in prayer.

Based on his understanding of the Bible through the illumination of the Holy Spirit during his time, he published nine books in the History of Redemption series from 2007 through to 2013, with the remaining three books in the series awaiting publication. 

Rev. Park was highly commended by the religious community in Korea as a "true pastor who was committed to the inerrancy of the Bible and conservative theology." On December 17, 2014, he passed on from this world and returned to the bosom of God. 

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