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The History of Redemption Series Book Three

The Unquenchable Lamp of the Covenant

A Forgotten Encounter in the History of the Exodus and Wilderness Journey


Covenant – the means to save mankind
God is greater than “all” which includes the Sun and all the galaxies. More astonishing than the vastness of the universe is God’s great love for mankind. The human being is but a speck of dust drifting amidst this vast universe. God, who is greater than the entire universe, came to us and established a covenant with us in order to save us. The Proto-Gospel given to Adam and Eve, the Noahic covenant, Abrahamic covenant, Sinaitic covenant, Davidic covenant and the new covenant of Jeremiah are all stepping stones linking us and all of history to Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind.


King David, the Lamp of the Covenant
King David was cited twice among the 42 generations in the genealogy and was recorded in both the first and second period, testifying to his significance. God promised King David and his descendants that the lamp will be forever unquenchable. By believing in Jesus, who came as the Son of David, today’s believers become the central figures in the covenant that was promised to David.

The five women listed in the genealogy
It is quite unconventional that the genealogy of Jesus includes five women. Some of them were Gentile women who were looked down upon by the Jews, and all five of them had amazing stories. Why did God record their names in the glorious genealogy of Jesus Christ?

Complete overview of the period of the Judges
Many Christians may be familiar with names of the Israelite judges like Deborah, Gideon and Samson, but not so much with names like Shamgar, Jair and Tola. This book organizes the 12 judges’ deeds and God’s evaluations of them. Although this period is not included in the genealogy of Jesus, it is important in understanding the genealogy and the covenants.


Key Message:
God’s covenants were passed down through the genealogy of Jesus. In the end, those covenants must be fulfilled through us, the true believers, who are continuing the lineage through faith in Jesus. Today, God is still working zealously without any rest to carry on the lamp of God’s covenant. Believers of Jesus must become God’s lamp that sends out His Gospel to the world. Our lives must be taken and used by God as His lamp.

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