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The History of Redemption Series Book Six

The Eternal High Priest of the Covenantal Oath

The Genealogy of the High Priests 
in Light of God's Administration
in the History of Redemption

The sixth book covers the genealogy of the high priests. The history of the high priests begins in 1445 BC from the time of Aaron, continuing for over 77 generations until the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70. As individuals that came according to the order of Aaron- and without an oath, they were restricted in that they could not fully atone for the sins of mankind. However, because Jesus Christ is the eternal high priest of the covenantal oath who comes according to the order of Melchizedek, He is able to atone for mankind’s sins once and for all, and save forever those who go through Him to draw near to God (Heb 7:11-28).

For the first time ever, the genealogy of the 77 generations of high priests has been classified according to the temples they served in (29 generations), the time periods of service (19 generations), and their appointers (29 generations). Furthermore, the book clearly articulates the redemptive-historical administration that is contained within the garments and duties of the high priests, and the 24 divisions- the system of temple service instituted by David (1 Chr 23-26).

Praise for the Author

“Rev. Abraham Park is a world class expert in the field of biblical genealogies. His theology is one that is wholly centered on a conservative, biblical theology… He has a deep and broad knowledge of the Bible… I feel ashamed at my personal ignorance of the Bible.”

Dr. Son Seok-Tae

President Emeritus of Reformed Theological Seminary of Korea

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