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The History of Redemption Series Book Four

God's Profound
and Mysterious Providence

As Revealed in the Genealogy
of Jesus Christ
from the time of David
to the Exile in Babylon


The book discusses the second period in the genealogy of Jesus Christ
The genealogy of Jesus Christ lists 42 generations, which are divided into three periods with 14 generations per period. The second period begins with David and Solomon whose reigns mark the peak of prosperity in Israelite history. This period then continues into the era of divided kingdoms, the southern kingdom of Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel. The period ends with the fall of the kingdoms and the deportation to Babylon. This period spans from 1003 B.C. to 598 B.C. The history of Israelite kings is not an ancient history of a foreign country. It is a vivid account of God’s meticulous providence to carry on the genealogy ultimately to Jesus Christ. Therefore, this period reflects as in a mirror our own lives today. This is the message of the book.


The introduction defines the central theme of the Bible – covenant and providence.
The history of redemption has continued through the means called “covenants.” The Bible is a record of the providence of God who has ceaselessly labored to carry on the covenant despite the endless betrayal of men. Furthermore, the book introduces key terms in understanding the genealogy, i.e., accession year, regency, joint reign, and the months of Tishri and Nisan. Proper understanding of these terms will help solve numerous mysteries that had been veiling the regnal chronology of Judah and Israel to this day.

The fourteen kings of Judah are unveiled one by one
Although the records of the kings are documented in the Bible in the books of 1 & 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles, their records were so scattered throughout these books such that even their regnal orders were unclear. Rev. Park’s fourth book clearly recapitulates the history, deed sand mistakes of these kings as well as God’s solemn judgments on them.

Key Message:
God entered into the covenant with mankind in order to save them. Yet, men have endlessly betrayed the covenants. It was always God who unfailingly remembered the covenant and carried on the genealogy to send Jesus to earth. Today’s believers must receive the Word and become God’s lamp, in order to inherit the history of redemption. Hence, it is our duty to pass down the faith to our children by teaching them the word of God.


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